I am a passionate advocate for those experiencing eating disorders. I hope by speaking about my own experiences in an open and honest forum I can reduce the stigma, encourage sharing and shut the door on fear. 

As an executive contributor to the online Brainz Magazine. I am proud to have  been selected for this award.Together with all writers, we aim to educate our readers with the view to orchestrating beneficial change across our globe. In gratitude …

Nominated for: 
Women’s Biz Global:
Women to Watch 2023
International Women’s Day,
March 8th 2023
Awardee: Woman in Advocacy
Special Edition 

Women’s Biz Global Magazine
(Pages 18 and 63)

Featuring an article, and review for my book, ‘Echoes From My Heart’
Thank you Annie Gibbins, Kez Wickham St George and Ally Hensley, UK

Harriet Frew, the eating disorder therapist from Cambridge, UK. A leader in her field, I had the pleasure of recording this podcast with her on October 29th 2020.

Dr Erin Stair is a wonderful, quirky doctor from New York! She interviews an extremely wide range of personalities! Controversial at times, yet ever so informative, I really enjoyed chatting with her on November 23rd 2020. Uncut, this episode is as real as they get!

Kristen Elliott is a survivor of her own journey experiencing an eating disorder. A fabulous advocate for others, she has created her own series of podcast episodes. On Monday she interviews someone whose story will empower the listener – always centred around eating disorders. Then on Thursday, she professionally articulates her response to the Monday episode. Kristen and I developed a 4 Part series which ran throughout January 2021.
A little lengthy, yet extremely informative …

Catherine and Francis, New York, are wonderful advocates for those experiencing eatingdisorders. Together, they engage a wide range of guests each with unique stories to share. The wealth of learning for listeners ensures there are valuable take aways from each episode.

Lily and Cindy are friends who each endured their own experience with an eating disorder.Together they now create beautiful podcast episodes to educate, inspire and encourage those still in the grips of this illness. Honoured to chat with them

The Space Podcast

The Space is a mindfulness podcast that’s not like the others.  Casey Donovan, singer songwriter, takes listeners on a mini escape each morning and evening with short (and cringe free) meditations, motivations and tips on how to improve your day. Written by wellness expert Amy Molloy, these short podcasts are published twice-daily (Mon-Fri); with an additional episode on Saturdays. “We’re about making mindfulness accessible for everyone - there’s no ohms or crystals here. We’re  for people who need a little me-time in their busy lives– providing all of the wellness, with none of the fluff”.

Jemma Richards, UK, explores the topic of eating disorders with her guests. Always informative, she offers a wide range of discussions extremely useful for anyone searching for assistance. 

Joe Ambridge, (Melbourne, Australia) and Mark Fielding, (UK) are two men who have collaborated together to create the #NeverAlone Podcast series. Their weekly episodes look at a specific mental health issue through discussion with guests who have experienced the impact of the topic being investigated.

Thank you, Terry Oliver, Canada, The Courage Wolf Podcast, for including me on your podcast.Great to record with a male host! Terry produces his own series where his guests chat with him regarding struggles each has endured and triumphed over. 

Mark Fielding, Psychotherapist, and Relationship Counsellor, UK conducts valuable interviews with a variety of guests across a wide range of topics. On this occasion, it was my turn! Grateful!

What a hoot this was! Short – 6 minutes – yet powerful. Michael from the UK creates short pieces of inspiration regarding a range of topics. This was my turn!


And to share, what a listener does not see is what we are doing as we record. Although the finished outcome sounds professional, behind the scenes as we did this via Zoom, my facial expressions as I stumbled saw Michael needing to restrain himself so he could ask the next question! Once the recording was complete we did laugh!!!

Thank you Michael Brian for this opportunity …

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