I am a passionate advocate for those experiencing eating disorders. I hope by speaking about my own experiences in an open and honest forum I can reduce the stigma, encourage sharing and shut the door on fear. 

Harriet Frew, the eating disorder therapist from Cambridge, UK. A leader in her field, I had the pleasure of recording this podcast with her on October 29th 2020.

Dr Erin Stair is a wonderful, quirky doctor from New York! She interviews an extremely wide range of personalities! Controversial at times, yet ever so informative, I really enjoyed chatting with her on November 23rd 2020. Uncut, this episode is as real as they get!

Kristen Elliott is a survivor of her own journey experiencing an eating disorder. A fabulous advocate for others, she has created her own series of podcast episodes. On Monday she interviews someone whose story will empower the listener – always centred around eating disorders. Then on Thursday, she professionally articulates her response to the Monday episode. Kristen and I developed a 4 Part series which ran throughout January 2021.
A little lengthy, yet extremely informative … 

On the 10th February 2021 I had the pleasure of speaking at Rotary in Adelaide in support of the global ‘Don’t Bottle It Up’ campaign.

Darren Hands, Rotary UK and Gena Richardson, Rotary Alabama, invited me to join this movement – so I did! This campaign launched in Devon and Cornwall, UK, in 2017. A group of Rotarians attended a conference where mental health topics were the focus. As a result, they decided to design their own website to share valuable information for those experiencing mental health concerns – speakers, resources, books, blogs, sources of help and more.

To appreciate what they are doing you may wish
to visit them here

The encouragement is for Rotary to get on board across the globe! 

Catherine and Francis are wonderful eating disorder advocates who consistently produce quality podcast episodes for listeners across the globe to learn and grow from. Honoured to be their guest …

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Work and Eating Disorders should not share the same space!

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A fabulous host! Do subscribe to her channel, share her stories with your friends and comment.

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