I am a passionate advocate for those experiencing eating disorders. I hope by speaking about my own experiences in an open and honest forum I can reduce the stigma, encourage sharing and shut the door on fear.

On the 10th February 2021 I had the pleasure of speaking at Rotary in Adelaide in support of the global ‘Don’t Bottle It Up’ campaign.

Darren Hands, Rotary UK and Gena Richardson, Rotary Alabama, invited me to join this movement – so I did! This campaign launched in Devon and Cornwall, UK, in 2017. A group of Rotarians attended a conference where mental health topics were the focus. As a result, they decided to design their own website to share valuable information for those experiencing mental health concerns – speakers, resources, books, blogs, sources of help and more.

To appreciate what they are doing you may wish
to visit them here

The encouragement is for Rotary to get on board across the globe! 

A fabulous host! Do subscribe to her channel, share her stories with your friends and comment.

Podcaster, Thought Leader, and Global Influencer April Mahoney brings the heat to the airwaves when educating and encouraging Brains around the world to move on in action, care, and share knowledge, wisdom, and power to make this world a better place when you are dangling On the Edge. Come hang out …

Ali Sugars, Adelaide SA, has created a facebook platform in support of those who have/are currently enduring the impact of abuse or domestic violence. Ali airs her guest spots each Tuesday morning. 
The Healing Through Love Show is the creation of Rose Davidson and Sharlene Lynch. Advocates
for those experiencing domestic violence, trauma and/or abuse in their lives, together they designed this weekly show to provide valuable information regarding recovery from the impact these life events have upon us. Empowering sufferers is what they are all about!
Nelia Hutt is a Canadian author, the host of a Top 20 Podcast called ‘Giving Starts With You’ and the founder of Travel Live Give – a philanthropic organization geared towards connecting the world through travel, music, and human kindness…and so much more! 
Her book, ‘Giving My Heart Room To Breathe: A journey through grief, healing and giving’ can be sourced via Amazon.
#neveralone is a podcast series designed by Joe Ambridge (Melbourne) and Mark Fielding (Psychotherapist and Relationship Counsellor, UK), and can be listened to on all audio streaming platforms.
Asked to assist them in promoting their series and upcoming world mental health day webinar, this can be viewed using this link.
World Mental Health Day in 2021 was Sunday, October 10th. The guys from #neveralone, Mark and Joe, teamed with Will, Daryl, and myself to share our experiences and acquired knowledge for listeners. This is the result!
Eating disorder navigation can be as challenging as the illness itself. Recently I had the pleasure of chatting all things eating disorders with Nelia Hutt, producer of the podcast/youtube series – ‘Giving Starts With You’ from Canada. As a return guest, I enjoyed conversing with Nelia again.
Witness the World Podcast is a grassroots movement focused on sharing stories, challenges, and ideas from the lives of everyday people. This podcast aims to connect with guests from all around the world to pursue collective learning, understanding, and growth so we can all become better versions of ourselves.
Ben Choy, Creator, Director
Shiona and Brenton Marks present FRIDAY COAST MAGAZINE each Friday between 9.00 am and 12.00 pm.  They are a part of the 88.7 Adelaide’s Coast FM family! I will be joining them monthly to discuss eating disorders/mental health – development, treatment, and recovery.  Find below recordings for each:

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