‘When Peace walked through my door my inner child sighed that kind of sigh that says you’re here…at last’

– JL KEEZ – 



My vision 

To be seen as an influential leader and powerful advocate in creating global recognition that unconditional, meaningful relationship connection is key to human development. To be the person responsible for demonstrating healthy connecting methods with each other and self, with the view of developing empowered thoughtful individuals who are not only leaders in their own lives, but who see unconditional acceptance as the desired path moving forward.

The solutions you seek as to why your body hurts are wishing to be discovered. Allow me to guide you toward them…



I am a passionate advocate for those experiencing eating disorders. I am a Mother, Partner, Secondary Home Economics Teacher and Reality Therapy Certified Counsellor. I enjoy playing the piano, singing and pursuing a range of creative outlets.

 Over a number of years I have assisted many by providing understanding as to why their lives are seemingly heading in a downward spiral, particularly those experiencing an eating disorder. I have witnessed the frustration of too many not having the tools, skills, nor understanding as to how to navigate their way through a difficult life experience. I acknowledge a huge need in providing this knowledge. My programs are collections of quality information, reflecting  my own journey, and designed to equip you with the directions you deserve, to overcome your current situation.

 An avid writer, I am the Expert Writing Strategist for Diamond Beauties Forevera community dedicated to empowering women and men to stand in their truths.

I write monthly articles for their beautiful online magazine, Diamond Moments Magazine. I design writing courses for those wishing to share their inspirational messages for a global audience. I teach clients to write from their heart, with confidence, using a format easy to adopt and follow.

Writing is an art, a powerful medium, imparting understanding, encouraging growth, which entertains, and directly speaks to the reader. Cultivated, this is an art worthy of its place within society.

My gift of writing I offer to you


In conversation with so many whose lives are impacted by an eating disorder, I acknowledge common lines of enquiry:

Searching for ‘why’?

Frustrated for ‘how’?

Screaming for ‘out’?

This is where I believe my lived experience, extensive knowledge and compassionate understanding will be a valuable input toward your journey ahead. 

Your solutions deserve to be identified.

Allow me to be that guiding hand as you navigate your pathway toward full recovery. 

Anorexia Unlocked 

Understanding Your Story Through Mine  

Is the book behind the programs developed. Reading this will provide an understanding to all I have prepared for you. I truly hope that in reading it, it leaves you with the desire to know more and engage in the programs offered.

Written with you in mind at all times, I want you to grow and learn in your understanding as to what this thing called Anorexia Nervosa is all about. I want you to take hold of your life, empower yourself with knowledge, strengthen your resolve to succeed and use this foundation to catapult your way back to full health and well-being.


Kind Words

“ The Key in the lock”

This book has been a journey of understanding and learning . The author shares her experiences with complete authenticity . She has taken her own pain and gifted this to others in the form of learnings so deeply valuable that anyone can benefit from reading this book.

Niomi Reardon

“It gave me understanding”

I recommend this book to anyone who has struggled with issues from their past whether it be eating disorders, any form of abuse, neglect or those that are dealing with addictions of any kind.

Alison Lucas

“Compelling and a eye opener”

This is much more than a book about an eating disorder. This is a book  about total betrayal and destruction of a person by the people expected to protect you. It is a book about determination and hope.

Roger Langford

“From the heart”

The author’s resilience through the suffering and her eventual healing is encouraging for anyone who has experienced childhood trauma, because the message is; you “CAN” confront and you “CAN” heal

Retired Nonna & Friend


Following the popularity of her DEBUT book JL KEEZ has added three more

Recovery, and All That Jazz

Mental Illness, Life Events and True Understanding

‘ Recovery asks us to interrogate our jazz, define our mental illness, explore life events, to emerge with a true understanding. Transcending your illness will generate from here’

‘ JL educates, provides optimism, entertains in her heart 
warming account expertly demonstrating the connection between life events and mental health struggles’
– Daryl Elliott Green, Award Winning Speaker, Australia 

‘Emotionally evocative, educational, providing hope…recovery is possible…inspiring.’ 
– Mark Fielding, Psychotherapist, Relationship Counsellor, and Clinical Supervisor, UK Resident Professional and Co-host – Mental Health Podcast #neveralone


Echoes From My Heart

My words gifted to you to comfort, guide, inspire

‘ True emotion, authentic, captivating… JL’s words reflect the pain and truggle of mental illness providing deep understanding. Surviving and thriving…strong themes. Powerful…a beautiful gift’ 
– Nelia Hutt, CEO Travel Live Give, Author, Philantrhropist and Mental Health Advocate, Canada. 

‘ With straight from the heart, words to inspire as you travel the road within ‘ 
– Jemma Richards, This Food Thing Podcast, UK

‘ Insightful, heartfelt and wonderful … a journey of struggle and triumph through verse. ‘ 
— Lee Belperio, The Department of Education, South Australia

Messages In The Night That
Shaped The Soul

One Woman’s Struggle Against The Odds

Based on truth wrapped with fiction

Explosively dynamic through subtle revelation …

 The silence of ignorance shapes a truth where family betrayal collides with unyielding tenacity

 Perseverance dismantles mental illnesses threatening one woman’s existence

 Raw application, devastating, bewildering content

Gripping … heartbreaking story … anorexia nervosa, sexual abuse, an array of mental illnesses … profoundly impacng. JL Keezs ability to weave universal themes into a deeply personal narrave is testament to her outstanding skill as a writer.



Immediately hungry for more … refreshing, comforting, understanding, hope, resonating … a wonderful, powerful read

– A May, Student Support Officer

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