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The  why

WHY did I write this, for you … for you to connect the dots between your pain and your story …

‘A gripping, revealing first-hand account of resilience and utter struggle, including debilitating suicidal depression, JLKEEZ identifies the significant connection between illness and one’s life story. Her eye-opening informative narration, acknowledges that answers sought can be multi-layered; recovery relies upon input drawn from a range of modalities. Candidly honest, the inclusion of wit and humour alongside this serious subject is enlightening. This memoir highlights a refreshingly new approach. Solutions offered result from her nine-year lived experience of Anorexia Nervosa followed by many more enduring associated illnesses. Her detailed insights demonstrate extensive knowledge regarding eating disorders. The role, and contribution, of relationship – with self and others – is strongly referenced.’


The  how

Healing can be a daunting road – confusing, frustrating, tearful

HOW we each end up in an eating disorder and HOW we each see ourselves within the eating disorder can vary enormously. But one HOW I have come to truly acknowledge, as a powerful support toward our healing, is the contribution provided by those who have journeyed the road before us. HOW I arrived at Anorexia Nervosa at 15, HOW I lived through those years, and HOW I survived to finally heal – is what you will take from my words, shared so you can heal.

Use my HOW to understand yours…


Captivating and visionary, the views shared reinvigorates this field of enquiry regarding an illness still bathed in mystery for far too many. Relating to all, this ‘breath of fresh air’ provides insightful alternate understanding for readers suffering eating disorders and associated illnesses. Her words shared will leave the reader inspired, knowing full recovery is absolutely possible.

The  out


Breathe of fresh air


Gripping and revealing


Refreshingly new approach


Candidly Honest


A 9 Year Lived Experience


Resilience and Struggle

What will you learn regarding your ‘out’

Where we suffer, reading about how another found their healing, their OUT, is most comforting. As I share my OUT, your OUT may become so very clear.

What did I wish to achieve, for you, the reader?
To provide an account of a deeply sad existence which found its way to Anorexia Nervosa in the hope of finding peace and acceptance. Instead, the existence spiralled into a tremendously difficult endurance – lined with illness so immense, leaving seemed the only way out.

To then provide an account of strength, sheer determination and triumph in the face of impossibility – so you, the reader, will draw your strength from my story, to learn, to grow, to fully recover and live a most wonderful authentic life!





For those who seek answers as to why your body hurts, in reading my words you will grow to appreciate that we truly align, and you will feel extremely confident that I absolutely ‘get you’

Learning of another’s struggle can be a powerful addition to the healing journey you find yourself on.

My words will empower you, fill you with hope, and see you grow in strength each day as you face your story and conquer those elements, those fragments, currently standing in your way.

An extremely personal account, powerful in its delivery. Sheer honesty outlines an empowering story filled with heartbreaking reality. The story shared is overwhelming, moving, and difficult to put down once started. The desire to complete the pages pulls the reader into the dialogue via excellent narration.
This story will certainly assist many who will see their own selves and experiences come to life on the pages. The threads created are easily followed and acknowledged. Impactful, yet freeing for the reader, this is a beautiful piece of work.

Michelle Gorgula Psychologist , B.Psych (Hons), BCN, QEEGD

Reading this deeply honest life journey has left me with an impression that JLKeez is an intelligent, empathetic person who possessed a determination to overcome Anorexia Nervosa. Despite her illness, her curiosity led her to an understanding of how early life trauma affects people. She then lovingly transcended any blame, by understanding that humans can only do what their level of consciousness allows. She has arrived at a place of forgiveness with an understanding that a perceived ‘enemy’ could indeed be the catalyst for our greatest life lessons. A very positive and potentially healing ‘read’.

Dianne Mulvihill Primary Teacher


This is  me

JL Keez, survivor of debilitating illnesses, including her nine-year struggle with Anorexia Nervosa, dedicates her life to empowering others suffering eating disorders and associated conditions. A Reality Therapy Certified Counsellor, passionate speaker and influential teacher, JL Keez inspires others through sharing her extensive knowledge via her raw, descriptive account in this book, her carefully designed in-depth programs and powerful speaking opportunities.

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