I am a passionate advocate for those experiencing eating disorders. I hope by speaking about my own experiences in an open and honest forum I can reduce the stigma, encourage sharing and shut the door on fear. 

Endings; Beautiful Transitions Leading to Fabulous New Beginnings

The cycle of endings and beginnings; the role of broken puzzle pieces; acceptance the antidote Read more


Work and Eating Disorders should not share the same space!

My workplace nightmare became my workplace triumph Read more


The Impact of Story

Unlocking the elements of your story to claim your greatest gift – YOU
Read more


The Drawers of our Memories

May each be filled with fun, laughter, and frivolity! R Read more


Love, wholeness, and the purpose of ‘void’

To truly understand the power of love, void steps in …Read more


Scrolling Your Life Away

The impact upon our mental health statistics…. Read more

To my daughter with love

When your greatest gift stands right in front of you


Kiddipedia, an online support website offers content for busy Australian parents with the aim to provide valuable material, tools, and skills to assist the parenting process. Their goal is to encourage participants to develop authentic lives for themselves and their children. Asked to provide an inspirational mother/daughter story, this is the result.

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Health Times is an on line platform providing a wealth of knowledge regarding all things health. Haley Williams, freelance Brisbane writer, and I collaborated on this article
regarding OCD.

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Fierce Truths is a popular indie-type magazine sharing a range of topics. This is one to subscribe to if you are looking for powerful readings regarding spiritual growth and
self-development. My article, in Issue 14, ENDINGS; BEAUTIFUL TRANSITIONS LEADING TO FABULOUS NEW BEGINNINGS  was introduced with:

‘JL Keez shares this beautiful poem and article to teach us about the cycle of endings, beginnings and how the puzzle pieces of our story contribute to personal growth and healing. Through her artful words, JL teaches how self-acceptance regardless of circumstance, is key.’

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As a returning guest writer, you will find me in Issue 28,
This article was introduced with – 

Have you ever wondered what your life could look like if you made friends with your fear? JL Keez is back, and sharing her valuable insight on doing just that, and the changes it can make in your life

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Butterfly Foundation is the national charity for all Australians impacted by eating disorders and body image issues, and for the families, friends and communities who support them. As a survivor, I was asked to write for them …


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Parenthood can throw us into a whole new world where navigating the whys and wherefores can be challenging. The northernbeachesmums website provides a wealth of information to support you through this time. 

‘A Chronic Entrepreneur’ is dedicated to sharing the stories of those of us who endure chronic health issues and yet still function within the entrepreneurial world. We take our suffering and interpret this through our businesses, in the hope of inspiring others to do the same.

They also produce podcasts – check them out!


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Lucia Hawley is a writer for 9Honey. Recently she asked if I would share some of my story to support a larger presentation regarding eating disorders. I thank her for the opportunity to contribute.


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Brainz Magazine is an online platform where entrepreneurs share their words to educate, inform and contribute to understanding and growth across our globe.
Find my award-winning Brainz Articles below:


When Trauma Comes Knocking Again – 8 Steps For Embracing The Slippery Slide

rauma is understood to be a deeply distressing experience that disturbs the mind, body and soul. Trauma can result from many different scenarios in life. Trauma debilitates, hold’s its victim to ransom and, left untreated, takes its owner into a world of unexplained health characteristics until in recovery, the story elements of the trauma surface to inform…Read more

When Suicide Beckons – Resisting The Pull

The darkness of night greets again. The two am pull toward an entity lurking in the day time shadows emerges once more to taunt. Pacing the yard, calling out for release from this tormentor, the all too familiar depth of despair grips. The mind searches for ways to stop this invasion. None is found…  Read more


Eating Disorders ‒ Permission ‒ 'Not Allowed To’ Blocks ‒ 4 Steps To Eliminate Fear Of Punishment

Permission. When permission for happiness finally reigns within the soul. The belief that held the opposite. Has yielded, at last, from despair. To free the one once confined. Read More


The Road Unknown – Trials And Tribulations

As someone who has lived a life characterised by far too many “WHY’s?” when my body failed and developed an eating disorder, I found that when deciding to write my first book to give the gift of knowledge, I felt the same level of overwhelm! Read More


One Day Thriving, Next Barely There

When did standing on the scales to monitor my weight become so important? When did restricting my food intake become a ‘thing’? When did I start to spend endless lengths of time scrutinising my look in the mirror? And exercise… far out… I am exhausted!.Read more

When The World Says No – Say Yes

Eating disorders – a form of mental illness – is one of those illnesses that seems to engulf, take hold and make it very clear that it is now in control. Life has changed, and this is how it will play out from this moment forward. Read more


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