‘When the dance leaves the body, the body stills in pain’




My Mission

To share acquired knowledge to assist individuals in understanding the strong connection between their life story, with particular reference to relationships, and their development. To see individuals become powerful, respectful, kind leaders in their own lives and role models for all with whom they connect. 

This is  me

I am a passionate advocate for those experiencing eating disorders. I am a Mother, Partner, Secondary Home Economics Teacher and Reality Therapy Certified Counsellor. I enjoy playing the piano, singing and pursuing a range of creative outlets.

Over a number of years I have assisted many by providing understanding as to why their lives are seemingly heading in a downward spiral, particularly those experiencing an eating disorder. I have witnessed the frustration of too many not having the tools, skills, nor understanding as to how to navigate their way through a difficult life experience. I acknowledge a huge need in providing this knowledge. My programs are collections of quality information, reflecting  my own journey, and designed to equip you with the directions you deserve, to overcome your current situation.

When it



At the age of 15 years my life turned on its head! I had enjoyed success in nearly every pursuit I undertook. I achieved consistent straight ‘A’s’, won almost every track and field event I entered; establishing records which would be long held. I was tall, blonde and in a position to do anything I put my hand to.

I had also endured the cruelty of bullying and extreme isolation. I was lonely beyond explanation. I longed for inclusion, longed for the freedom of living my life according to who I was, not who I had to be.

It was the loneliness and yearning for belonging, coupled with yet to be identified causes, that saw Anorexia Nervosa become my life for 9 long years, followed by a string of associated illnesses which delivered the most debilitating existence. 

With a strong determination to find solutions as to why my body hurt so much, the journey of discovery was long, sheer frustration and arduous. My days were filled with despair and seemingly insurmountable walls blocking my progress.


When it




At the age of 37 years, my life began to return. I found the answers. I debunked the learning’s which saw Anorexia Nervosa be my life. I confronted each of those associated illnesses, and won!

I met a wonderful female psychologist who gave me meaning to the life which took an almighty destructive turn at 15.

Today I enjoy the freedom to live as me. Today I smile, I sing, I write verse! I enjoy the company of two adult children who witnessed the suffering and ‘endurance test life’ lived by their mother. I have a great son-in-law. My son’s partner is a delight! I have a wonderful partner and supportive friends.

Adopting the “Never give up” attitude found me succeed an outcome many thought I would never see.

This is why I now deliver to you, the extensive understanding I acquired over all of those years. I would like for you to discover your ‘why’, your ‘how’ and your ‘out’ quickly. To return yourself to a life filled with fabulous joy, where, perhaps, your experience can be shared for others who follow your lead.

Whether you simply heal and move forward in your life, choosing to leave this chapter in the bin, or you become a witness for those who share your journey, it is with sincerity I can say… your life will be richer for all you have endured.


Tired of Anorexia Nervosa?

Then this is why your enquiring mind has brought you here…
to unlock, discover, understand, grow, recover.

What I wish for 


My question to you: “What is standing between the you you are today, and the healed you you wish to be?”
(That is a lot of you!)

It is my belief that deep inside of you the answers that you crave are longing to share their content with you. The solutions you are searching as to, ‘what you need to do’, lie within the programs I have constructed with you in mind.

Empowering yourself with knowledge is the greatest way of achieving the goal of healing. I placed my trust in the female psychologist brought into my life at 37. All else had failed me. Skeptical, I made that first appointment. I took the step required to understand my life.

I ask that you trust this guidance and take this opportunity to support your healing. The transformation you desire will eventuate only with you taking responsibility for where you take your life from this moment forth.

Healing can be a challenge, requiring dedication, and change. That last word, ‘change’, can be daunting – it was for me. In this context, change is that state of being which sees you live a healthy, relaxed, authentic life measured by fun, joy and all things fabulous! Change is really what we want, deserve, need, should recovery be a realised outcome. This option of beneficial change is what I offer, and wish for you, as you open yourself to the words I have to share.  

‘When special turns up…accept it…this is you’ © JL Keez

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