‘Living in the now is a peaceful practise, worth encouraging’




I dedicate this page to all of us who have endured an eating disorder. May the words shared be the encouragement you seek, the support to continue and the wisdom you deserve.


‘Release the negative as positivity
and all its peace lives here’


I’m JL

 I have witnessed the frustration of too many not having the tools, skills, nor understanding as to how to navigate their way through a difficult life experience. I acknowledge a huge need in providing this knowledge. My programs are collections of quality information, reflecting  my own journey, and designed to equip you with the directions you deserve, to overcome your current situation.

Who the heck am I, anyway?

Who the heck am I, anyway?

Have you ever walked into a room and instantly felt at home, yet upon further scrutiny you acknowledge the clientelle and wonder how you could possibly feel this way? During my recovery, I recalled this experience many years ago. At the time I was still in the grips...

Why I Went Left, Not Right!

Why I Went Left, Not Right!

Turning 15 should have been a highlight - starting to develop my own direction, beginning to separate from the family to initiate my path - instead, the road called 'right' very quickly became the road called 'left'! An athlete who had enjoyed more blue ribbons than...

Who, or How you should be …

Who, or How you should be …

Where you carry another’s storyDeep within your soulThe time will arrive, whenCarrying that weightWill make its presence felt Release the threads that bindRelease those words once fearedFor this story of another’sIs no longer yours to own Free that inner childTo walk...



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