The Pre -Free



Due to client request I have designed this Pre-Free Program. Shorter,
it is an introduction to the Free Program.

You will;

  • Develop UNDERSTANDING as to WHY you are experiencing your eating disorder
  • Begin to make the connections to your story
  • Learn the WHY, HOW and OUT process for recovery

The Free



“You are not your illness – the illness is your guide”

The  why

Eating disorders are puzzling illnesses which can leave a sufferer wondering: WHY me?

Are you:

  • Confused
  • Lost
  • Frustrated
  • Screaming for solutions

Are you searching for:

  • Understanding
  • Knowledge
  • Guidance
  • Answers

Anorexia Unlocked: ‘Discovering Your WHY’s’ was designed specifically with you in mind to turn your searching into healing.

The  how

You are asking, HOW do I heal?”

This program:

  • Challenges
  • Provides comprehensive step by step solutions
  • Explores all areas to be considered in your healing process
  • Is a fabulous starter program

Gets clear regarding: 

  • What eating disorders are
  • What you really know
  • Your ‘why’s’ 
  • The connection between your eating disorder and your story 
  • Your relationships – with self and others
  • Pain Points, Reframing, Script Flipping
  • The role of nutrition

The free program removes the wondering through sharing positive HOW’s for your recovery.


The  out

With a focus on discovering your authentic self, the personal approach of including reference to my story supports you in designing your pathway OUT of your eating disorder existence.


You will discover:

  • What you need to do to get yourself OUT of where you currently are
  • What this eating disorder is REALLY all about, especially for you
  • Who you are, anyway
  • How to heal  
  • How to begin to design your individual pathway OUT

Navigating your way OUT can be as daunting as asking, “WHY?” and “HOW?”

Anorexia Unlocked: Discovering Your WHY’s takes care of this for you!

And when you have completed this valuable addition to your healing, I hope I will have ignited in you your desire to unlock the knowledge you hold as to why your body hurts. I truly hope you will be ready for the most exciting time, discovering who you are – that fabulous version of you we all wish to know…


JL is a passionate teacher, writer, counsellor and expert by experience in eating disorders. I would highly recommend this course as a supportive tool, in beginning the recovery journey. JL walks beside you on the recovery road, weaving her wisdom and knowledge, alongside personal experience. She brings her incredible warmth, alongside her utmost professionalism in helping you understand your story and guiding you back towards your authentic self.

– Harriet Frew – 
(Eating Disorder Therapist; MSc Nutrition; Dip Eating Disorders; BACP Accredited) @t

JL is a delight to work with and is incredibly respectful and professional in her approach. She has a lovely sense of humor, is detail-oriented, and takes the time to listen. She has a unique perspective in that she has her own lived experience with anorexia nervosa as well as with recovery and is willing to share the valuable wisdom that she has learned from her own journey. JL has a sincere desire to help those affected by eating disorders and works to deliver valuable programs and information that can assist others along their own healing journey.

– Kristen Elliott- 

Recovery Support Coach | Mindful Yoga Instructor| Host & Producer of The Starving ED Podcast |@mypieceofyoga

This is  me

I am a passionate advocate for those experiencing eating disorders, Mother, Partner, Secondary Home Economics Teacher and Reality Therapy Certified Counsellor. I enjoy playing the piano, singing and pursuing a range of creative outlets.

Over a number of years I have assisted many by providing understanding as to why their lives are seemingly heading in a downward spiral, particularly those experiencing an eating disorder. I have witnessed the frustration of too many not having the tools, skills, nor understanding as to how to navigate their way through a difficult life experience. I acknowledge a huge need in providing this knowledge. My programs are collections of quality information, reflecting  my own journey, and designed to equip you with the directions you deserve, to overcome your current situation.

Allow me to be your guide…



The book

I am also author of the popular book: ’ Anorexia Unlocked: Understanding Your Story Through Mine’

A compelling account cleverly demonstrating the REAL connection between one’s story and developing health…with particular reference to EATING DISORDERS.


“You’ve told an important story” Sophia Elliott, CEO, 


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