‘It is how we respond to life’s events as to whether it is deemed cruel or simply a beautiful lesson to enrich our lives’




Anorexia Unlocked

Understanding Your Story Through Mine  

Is the book behind the programs developed. Reading this will provide an understanding to all I have prepared for you. I truly hope that in reading it, it leaves you with the desire to know more and engage in the programs offered.

Written with you in mind at all times, I want you to grow and learn in your understanding as to what this thing called Anorexia Nervosa is all about. I want you to take hold of your life, empower yourself with knowledge, strengthen your resolve to succeed and use this foundation to catapult your way back to full health and well-being.


Anorexia Unlocked

Pre-Free Program
Understanding + Stories: Why’s,How’s,Out’s

This Pre-Free Program is an introduction to the Free Program, Anorexia Unlocked: Discovering
Your WHY’s. Shorter, it provides you, the client, with valuable knowledge
preparing you for the more extensive
 free program.

Anorexia Unlocked
Free Program

Discovering Your WHY’s

Is where I recommend you begin your journey with me,

unless you wish to dive straight in!

This free program is content rich and demonstrates

what you can expect to experience in the 3-Part Program 

Empower you life through knowledge. Explore, Assess, Design. Arrived
refreshed and ready to shine!


Anorexia Unlocked 

Exploring Your WHY’s  Assessing Your HOW’s  Designing Your OUT’s.

This exciting program incorporates quality knowledge in a logical progression to provide you with solutions, understanding and well constructed guide lines regarding navigating your way through your eating disorder.

A range of diverse approaches have been included to cater for a diverse clientele. Based upon my own experience, I reference my story, with the view of supporting you with an authentic program designed to see you achieve your goal of recovery. 

The information given covers each of the important areas we need to tackle throughout the healing process. Areas such as:
  • Your understanding of what an eating disorder is
  • Pain Points
  • Timelines and Chapters
  • Emotions, Thoughts, Behaviours, Physical Symptoms
  • Beliefs, Values, Needs, Wants
  • Reframing and Flipping the Script
  • The Relationship Connection
  • What Quality Really Is
  • Examining Who You Really Are
  • Goals and Plans
  • And much more…


Anorexia Unlocked


A late addition to my resource collection, this program explores eating disorders with specific reference and terminology geared toward the teenage market. It is recommended for teenagers to begin their healing through this avenue, in conjunction with Nutrition and Relationships. Once completed, the knowledge acquired will lay a strong foundation for moving forward with the 3 – Part program.

Anorexia Unlocked


Is a collection of nutrition knowledge which supports the physical healing required for full recovery to be realised. Packed with reference to all areas ‘nutrition’, this will take you on a journey of learning, culminating in you taking responsibility for creating your recovery food plan. You will want to take the lessons learnt from here into your life moving forward.




Anorexia Unlocked


Is a document addressing the many aspects of ‘relationship’ and the role it plays in contributing to your eating disorder. This is not a program. This piece of writing outlines the different areas related to ‘relating’ and how to do this better! I highly recommend this as a source of knowledge, not only for your healing, but for your life ahead as a recovered, authentic person.

Anorexia Unlocked

Parent’s and Carer’s 

Parents/Care Givers are extremely important supporters for those experiencing an eating disorder. This program was designed to provide guidance for these valuable people!

The program includes reference to the therapy I encourage, and a range of questions, with their answers, to take the guesswork out of your search for solutions.



Zoom Webinar Counselling

‘Designing Life Beyond the Eating Disorder’

Recovery utilising Reality Therapy underpinned by Choice Theory
(This worked for me!)

Recovery can be a daunting thought. I found that when I finally connected with the one who had healed before me, the task at hand became one of understanding. Using a logical approach meant gaining the tools and skills required, not only for recovery, but for designing my life beyond the eating disorder.

This is what I offer you via zoom webinar counselling – the opportunity to work beside a person who will truely get you.

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