Words Shared Through Writings

May 18, 2022


JL Keez

Never Let It Go

When peace has left

Replaced by fear

Where trust has gone

Love disappears

The body wilts

Life dwindles


The return to wholeness

Requires the owner

To look within

To find what’s missing

The love of self

Will restore the soul

This is the link to all answers sought

Embrace this emotion

Hold it dear

Own its power

Never let it go

(Copyright: JL Keez: 2014)

One of those helpful techniques suggested to assist the healing process is to write down your thoughts, your emotions, ‘your wished for’s’. Writings can highlight areas of healing in your life. The type of writing I reference is where words seem to appear from nowhere.

During my healing process, I experienced a period of time where words just turned up in my mind. I knew they were meant to be written down. Then, once I wrote the original line, more fell out, until a string of words came together. These words were wonderful little pearls of wisdom, shared to assist me to understand, and to heal. I learned to accept this development. I recall one Saturday I wrote 12 writings! Each had a message for me.

Looking back at the one above, the message is clear. When we experience an eating disorder, peace leaves us, replaced by fear. For some of us, lack of trust joins the fear. Our bodies respond to this change…they begin to wilt. To return to being healthy once more, we do need to look within, look at our lives, for answers will show themselves. Loving the self, or self love, is a very important component for restoration to be achieved. And once self-love comes into your life, I strongly suggest you hold onto this, bask in its power, own this power, for this belongs to you…

As you heal, try this wonderful release. Sit quietly and ask for guidance, or for something you need to know, or simply words to nurture your process. Even if you feel you are not creative, or able to write very well, you may be surprised at what comes to mind.

Do not pre-empt the length of writing. You may only need a couple of lines, you may find yourself writing many. Just keep writing until the thoughts stop.

I wrote short writings, I wrote very long ones!

Take note of thoughts that seem to just appear from nowhere. You are not necessarily thinking about your healing, but, there they are, words quite unrelated to your present situation. You may be sitting enjoying a tea or coffee, and up pops some words. Write them. When they appear and you do not actually have the time to examine them right at that moment – hang onto them and look at them when you do.

Embedded within the words shared, there may be one little message that shifts you a long way in understanding you. There may be several messages. Large or small, embrace them. Then, there may be messages which do not seem at all relevant. These shared words were given to you to simply enjoy, OR, down the track, their meaning will become apparent.

Do not force words to be shared. Forcing may result in words that have no real place for you. Forced words can be a reflection of you desperately wanting to identify something. Relax and allow your body to inform you without pressure.

I would like to encourage you to embrace this line of messaging. Share what you write with others if you like, and see how they see them. Someone else’s ideas, added to our own, can be so valuable. Hold onto your writings. Return to them from time to time. They will help you to see how far you have travelled in your healing journey. I really love going back over mine…and, often see more to the message.

These words, shared, come from that place within you that really knows you and longs for you to be you…once more…

That Place…

I go to that place that knows

That shows the way

I thank that place for loving me

For staying through all these years

Speaking words of strength

Lifting my body when in despair

That place is me, that pure me

Where release exists

Where healing takes its position

That connection to who I proudly am…

(Copyright: JL Keez: 2015)

This short piece of writing is asking me, again, to look within for the answers I seek. 

Within each of us who are suffering there is a place that truly loves us and wants us to heal. This place calls out through words, emotions, behaviours, and physical responses, to let you know it exists. This is that important, compassionate place that lifts you, gives you strength. This place does not abandon you, even when your life is at its darkest.

This place is asking us to put our trust in it, for it knows this is where the release from what holds you will occur.

This place is simply you, showing you your way…connecting you back to who you are…

Have I convinced you to write as you recover? Words shared through writings are wonderful creations ready to offer their wisdom, understanding, and compassion to you … embrace, give thanks!


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