Anorexia Unlocked : Understanding Your Story Through Mine

Anorexia Unlocked : Understanding Your Story Through Mine

Intuitively aware there was more to eating disorders than food and weight, JL Keez was determined to understand why Anorexia Nervosa appeared at age 15. A gripping, revealing first- hand account of resilience and utter struggle, including debilitating suicidal depression, she identifies the significant connection between illness and one’s life story. Her eye-opening informative narration, acknowledges that answers sought can be multi-layered; recovery relies upon input drawn from a range of modalities. Candidly honest, the inclusion of wit and humour alongside this serious subject is enlightening. This memoir highlights a refreshingly new approach. Solutions offered result from her nine-year lived experience of Anorexia Nervosa followed by many more enduring associated illnesses. Her detailed insights demonstrate extensive knowledge regarding eating disorders. The role, and contribution, of relationship – with self and others – is strongly referenced.

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Anorexia Unlocked: Understanding Your Story Through Mine
This cleverly, carefully constructed memoir establishes the unique connection between story, relationships and developing illness. Intuitive, visionary, the words shared documents a new approach to an illness still bathed in mystery for many who suffer.

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