Anorexia Unlocked : 3 Part Program

Anorexia Unlocked : 3 Part Program


The 3 part program covers:

  • Your understanding of what an eating disorder is
  • Pain Points
  • Timelines and Chapters
  • Emotions, Thoughts, Behaviours, Physical Symptoms
  • Beliefs, Values, Needs, Wants
  • Reframing and Flipping the Script
  • The Relationship Connection
  • What Quality Really Is
  • Examining Who You Really Are
  • Goals and Plans
  • And much more…



Anorexia Unlocked: Exploring Your WHY’s Assessing Your HOW’s Designing Your OUT’s
This package provides you with Parts 1, 2 and 3 of the program written to support your healing process. The knowledge presented is formatted to guide you in a progressive manner. You will identify reasons as to why Anorexia Nervosa is a part of your life, assess these ‘why’s’ through learning specific tools to do so and finally design the path you feel best supports your road toward recovery.


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